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Commission Process

This one-of-a kind, interactive experience, submerges the collector into the creative process and enables the collector to co-create a custom, personally authentic commission from experiencing their favorite dive location side by side with the artist.


Before, during and after the SCUBA dive, the artist and collector team up to envision the work and infuse the work with their shared dive experience. During the surface interval and subsequent boat ride back to civilization debriefing discussions about the dive, mental impressions and stories shared will be documented for future reference.


Working with videos, photographs and memories discussed during the interview phase, the artist creates a compositional preview in the collectors specified parameters, then goes to work bringing the commission to life in his own unique, signature style.


1. Initial Consultation

                     Discuss Commission Goals

                     Size, location, colors

                     Budget, Timeline, Down payment


2. Gather Virtual Dive Information

                     Name Date and location of dive- who was present

                     Photos or videos from dive

3. Questionnaire/Interview

                     Mental impressions from dive



                     Compositional Preview/approval


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