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Battle not with Art...

What is art if it does not somehow stretch the mind?

Fortunately for me, stretching the mind to be creative and analytical is at the heart of my education and experience. Starting in architecture school, from adding light and shadow in free hand drawings to deriving calculus equations- then interpreting philosophers like Frederic Nietzsche to building carboard models and drafting roof parapet details, there was always a push and pull, a stretching if you will of the left and right side brain.

As an architectural intern I spent countless days and nights in front of the computer screen drafting construction documents. Music was always my trusted companion on this journey. I began to notice the layering of sounds in certain styles of music. I believe these are known as tracks. Many tracks were from instruments like the guitar and drums, but others were synthesized sounds from computers. The texture was so rich and luscious I could almost start to visualize it.

The idea took hold of me. It stretched my way of thinking about art and design. There was no going back. To paraphrase the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr, ones mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension. So I started looking into modern artists who were creating this work I envisioned. I went to outdoor art festivals, art districts and galleries searching for that which I craved but could not seem to find. It wasn't for a lack of trying nor a lack of amazing artists and the art they created. It was that I had not created that art which I sought! It was then I realized resistance was futile!

"Battle not with Art, lest ye become an Artist and if you gaze into the Art, the Art gazes also into you."

- Scott Klimek

Nudi by Nature Original Painting by Scott Klimek

Nudi by Nature embraces the visual and subconscious with textural layering of geometric patterns and biological forms like Nudibranchs (a.k.a. Nudi's) and Sea Slugs while invoking the healing qualities of Earth’s marine environments. This dichotomous composition of balance and chaos reflects a dynamic yet simultaneously well ordered environment. I start with detailed drawings of marine biology abstractions. Then using acrylics, I layer color to construct the trifold of backgrounds (back, middle, front), to visualize shapes, forms, structures, and geometries not yet discovered but made possible to realize.

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